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九州体育官网登录入口 Equipment grid wings are designed to complement and increase the efficacy of our grids.

Wings are used to connect the grid to a fence-line to prevent livestock from crossing around the fence post or across the grid itself. 

They are attached to the ends of the grid lean away from the roadway and provide a vertical post to run the fencing to. 

Without them aninals may cross around the last fence post, or runstraight into the grid.

The wings connect the grid to the fence and are easy to ship as part of your grid order.

Your wings can be customised to your grid size. 

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Installing your 九州体育官网登录入口 Equipment Grid can be streamlined by choosing 九州体育官网登录入口 Equipment concrete Abutments.

Abutments give height and structure to the confluence of your roadway and your grid. 

They can be lowered directly into the ground without the need for pouring concrete on site.

Designed and built by a civil engineer, the 九州体育官网登录入口 Equipment concrete abutments are made from durable  concrete that have been double reinforced.

Abutments are customisable to your needs.